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Just Add Water Productions Inc,

Aldous Pagaduan

Even at a young age, Aldous has been fascinated by TV commercials and music videos so it was a foregone conclusion when he decided to take Film and Audio Visual Communications in UP Diliman. Aldous began his career in the industry as an intern at Filmex. Soon after, he landed his first job as an AVID Editor in a TV network. Realizing that he didn’t want to be confined in a cold editing suite for a long period of time, he applied at Ogilvy & Mather and became their in-house Broadcast Coordinator to get his feet wet in broadcast production.

After two and a half years in Ogilvy he moved to BBDO Guerrero and trained as a Broadcast Producer. Aldous spent another two and a half years as an in-house Broadcast Producer before he decided to explore freelancing in December 2007. A year later Aldous joined Just Add Water.

Aldous has been doing what he loves for over 9 years now. He enjoys working with different advertising agencies, dealing with different types of people, and facing unique challenges in every project he takes on with diligence. Aldous list of clients includes Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Bayer, Pepsico, Fonterra, Unilever, Wrigley’s among others.

Alec Humphries

Growing up around different cultures and countries makes Alec comfortable dealing with all sorts of people. Alec is trilingual speaking English, French and Tagalog. At an early age, Alec developed an undying passion for the motion picture language as well.

Both a film major and a multimedia art student, Alec started work as a freelance video editor who also edited projects with Pixel Eyes, Larger than Life and ABS-CBN. He later trained and assistant directed under both local and foreign directors for TV and film productions.

He started his training at Just Add Water as an associate producer in 2009. Alec is innately creative, has good sense of timing in editing and musically adept. Alec has been producing TV productions, AVPs, web videos and Radio commercials for over 6 years now. His unceasing passion for the arts pushes himself to study and experience the art beneath every project he gets his hands on.

Alex Villanueva

Ana Agtarap-Panlillo

Ana has over 2 decades of experience in TV and radio production. She started as an agency producer for JWT then VP for client services and resident senior soundtrack producer at Hit Productions for many years before deciding to join Just Add Water.

Given her extensive hands-on exposure at Hit Productions, Ana is extremely savvy on all things that has to do with soundtrack production. Ana is a veteran and a professional.

Angela dela Calzada

Anj started her career in production as a television writer and segment producer for several production outfits and at the local media network ABS CBN. Although she joined Just Add Water only 3 years ago, she is no stranger to Advertising, having been exposed to it at a young age by doing voice over work and through other family members in the industry.

Anj currently works under Jing Abellera as Associate Producer while independently handling her own projects as well. Anj handles Radio Productions, TV Productions, Digital Videos and AVPs.

Barbie Leyba

Formerly a production assistant for CTV and Workstation Inc. before becoming an associate producer of Jem Lim for 3 years.

Barbie has been successfully managing productions on her own for over 10 years now. Barbie is extremely organized, diligent and very consistent. Barbie is always on top of her game.

Chona Bustamante

While other 18 year old girls were dreaming of their debuts or just starting university studies, Chona Bustamante had already graduated with a diploma in Mass Communications. At 19 she began to put her degree into good use, joining McCann-Erickson. Except for a two year sabbatical to start a family and acquire new skills, McCann became her home for 20 years. Chona went deep into her work, turning out commercials non-stop for everything from baby products to beer, from softdrinks to telco companies, from sanitary napkins to shampoos and from food to cars. Chona primed herself in creating well-crafted soundtracks, sharpened her eye and trained herself to be the best that she could be in the field she chose to be in.

At age 27 she became Broadcast head and for over 12 years oversaw 100s of TV and radio commercial productions yearly for both McCann and its sister agency Harrison Communications, working with local and foreign directors on local and regional productions.

In 2004, with the changing paradigms of ad agencies, Chona together with Jem Lim and some other like-minded producers, spun-off and created Just Add Water.

Chona believes that she lasted this long in such a demanding industry because of a blend of practicality and idealism, gumption, optimism and for simply having the passion for it. Usually called upon to produce complex, critical and sensitive projects. Chona’s years of experience gives her the ability to troubleshoot management, technical, legal, budget and creative concerns adeptly and professionally.

Cris Dy-Liacco

Cris started her career in production as a production assistant at Unitel working her way up to production manager. After 5 years of honing her skills in the technical aspect of production, Cris joined McCann-Erickson as a junior producer training under Chona Bustamante.

For over 12 years now, Cris has since been producing for different brands for multi-national and local clients exposing her to local and foreign directors, regional agencies and post-production facilities across the region.

Her constant exposure and training doing countless Coca-Cola, Nestle, Maggi, Unilever and Jollibee productions among others has honed Cris to be a well-rounded producer. Her background as a PM helps make her very knowledgeable on the technical aspect of production. Cris is very attentive, has a keen eye and good foresight. She is hardworking, a team player and always willing to go that extra mile with the agency.

Danise Talaba

The youngest of the team, Danise is the new associate of Jem Lim, taking on tasks and helps ensure the efficient, timely, cost-effective production for major projects and clients.

Danise studied Communication Arts at De La Salle University – Manila, graduating with honors in 2012. Her thesis film, “Egay”, acclaimed as one of the most outstanding theses of their batch, and was a finalist of the 2013 Indie Un-Film Festival. During her years in DLSU, she was active in student organizations, Team Communication and Metro Manila Alliance of Communication Students, as President and Chairman respectively.

Danise’s first professional post was to work as a segment producer, for web shows in Yahoo! South East Asia (yahoo.com.ph), and for TV shows in Lifestyle Network under Digitank Studios Inc.

She continues to progress her passion for production and her enthusiasm for getting a job well done. Danise is very diligent, has high sense of aesthetics and style, and is hardworking.

Datu Gallaga

Datu comes from a multi-faceted background. Prior to joining JAW, Datu was formerly a producer of McCann, a production assistant at Unitel, a resident actor for Handurawan community theater, a radio manager for a local Bacolod station, directed a few short films and assisted Peque Gallaga on some of his feature films.

Given his well-rounded and varied background, Datu has been exposed to different aspects of audio and visual productions. Highly collaborative, Datu adapts quickly to changes and knows how to work with creative people to make their work come through while working within tight schedules and the production parameters. Datu’s client roster includes Jollibee, Chowking, Globe Telecom, Unilab, Toyota and Honda among others.

Dino dela Rama

Graduated with a business degree at Ateneo, Dino started his career as an editor at Engine Room before joining Unitel as a production assistant. He then joined JAW as an associate producer of Jem Lim. 5 years later Dino now handles projects on his own with diligence, efficiency and with a remarkable attention to detail.

Harold Orozco

Idda Aguilar

Idda has elevated multi-tasking to an art form. She’s a producer. A mother. A chef. A magazine columnist. She never misses a deadline. Never forgets to brush her daughter’s teeth. Never overcooks the stew. How does she do it? The answer is actually really simple: Idda’s mother was an octopus.

Idda was born in the North Pacific Ocean, near the Galapagos Islands. Her mother was an octopus that fell in love with a Filipino sailor lost at sea. At an early age, she had already begun to imitate her mother’s multi-tasking skills. Although she had less limbs, she found that she was just as adept. Running after her octo-siblings and rounding up a plate of sandwiches for her dad, without missing a beat.

At age 17, it was time for Idda to go to college and because she was still blue at that time, Idda’s mother thought it would be fit to send her to the Ateneo de Manila University. There, she got a degree in Communication Arts and decided to pursue a career in one of the most multitasking-laden job she could find, being a producer. She was immediately drawn to the company that reminded her most of her North Pacific Ocean home: Just Add Water.

Ino Magno

A graduate of the UP Film Institute, Ino started in the world of media when he first joined GMA 7 as a program researcher for its News and Public Affairs team. Finding a niche behind the scenes, he explored film and television working as an acting director, cinematographer, and photographer. In 2009, Ino joined Just Add Water as an associate to seasoned broadcast producer, Jing Abellera.

Growing up in a modern Von Trapp family from Palanan, Makati, Ino was born with a built-in metronome. This natural affinity for rhythm, coupled with an eye trained to look through the lens, helped him thrive in and enjoy the advertising world’s pressure cooker environment. Since being given the opportunity of producing independently, he has been consistently delivering outstanding results for distinguished brands such as Johnson & Johnson’s, Pepsi, BayanTel, and the Department of Tourism’s “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign, to name a few.

Ino also enjoys watching sunsets and long walks on the beach, if the timetable permits.

Jem Lim

Jem started her career in production in 1989 as a caster and trainee producer at Aspac & Grey, after a brief stint as assistant lecturer for a Communication Arts course at DLSU. She focused on production and honed her skills in radio and soundtrack production, practicing tape-based editing in the agency’s in-house studio.

She joined DY&R Alacantara in 1992 as Senior Producer, handling clients such as Warner Lambert, Colgate-Palmolive Philippines, Philip Morris and various other local clients, and moved up as its Broadcast Director in 1998.

A graduate of Communication Arts at the De La Salle University, Jem received the best thesis award and an international citation for her documentary video. It was in DLSU where Jem discovered her love for production and photography, and it was also where she sharpened her multi-tasking and managerial skills.

In 2001 she went freelance, working with a string of new agencies and clients. It was in one of Jem’s earlier assignments that she met Chona Bustamante. They envisioned an independent company that would function like a broadcast department, where producers are trained professionally, organized and managed.

In late 2005, after almost four years of on and off planning meetings (over coffee squeezed in between their very busy calendars), they established Just Add Water Productions, an innovation yet to be matched in the country up to this time.

Jem has been producing for almost 25 years and is very well respected in the industry. She is the preferred producer of Nestle Philippines, Smart Communications and PepsiCo, among others. Jem is very active in mentoring and training JAW Trainees and Producers. She has strong leadership skills, is thorough and is a true professional.

Jing Abellera

While still studying at UP Diliman, Jing was already working as a newscaster for a Radio station and a voice talent for commercials. After graduating, it was a natural transition for her to continue fulltime in Radio. She became a researcher, in-house producer and newscaster for several years before she decided to join McCann-Erickson as a producer.

Jing has over 20 years experience as a broadcast producer. Known to be very thorough, a stickler for details, a grammar Nazi and highly collaborative. Always willing to go that extra mile to ensure each production is just right.

Jing is a partner at JAW and currently under an exclusive contract with BBDO Guerrero as their Broadcast Director overseeing all their production requirements.

Johanna Moya

Formerly an agency producer at Y&R and McCann-Erickson, Jho has over 20 years experience as a producer making her a veteran in her profession.

Well liked and respected by agency and clients alike, Jho always tries to push the creativity in every project she handles while ensuring all client concerns are addressed. Very collaborative with creatives in making the best of every project she produces. Well known to be highly skilled in audio production.

Julia Templo

Julia has an extensive experience in Production. She worked for Unitel Productions for 6 years, starting out as a PA, then later on becoming a Production Manager, working on various media including movies, indie films, and the first season of the reality TV show Project Runway Philippines (in collaboration with Solar). She later took on the role of Line Producer for Director Stephen Ngo at Pabrika for more than 3 years, before transitioning to an Agency Producer. She is currently an Associate of Datu Gallaga.

Julia is engaged in a lot of outdoor activities and sports in between work. She regularly competes in local and international Ultimate (Frisbee) leagues and tournaments. Her competitive nature shows in her determination and resourcefulness. She is a team player, hardworking, organized and can work well on multiple tasks while under extreme pressure.

Krischelo Delgado

Google his name and you will find no other search results but him and about him. From there you can glean that he has produced various works for San Miguel Corporation, Coca-Cola, P&G, Unilever, L’Oréal, Nestlé, UNILAB, Jollibee among others. From this set of clients, you may assume he has worked with Campaigns & Grey, McCann WorldGroup, Publicis Manila, JWT and PJB. Refine your search and you may stumble upon some of the regional works he has produced for Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, and the United States. And if you happen to come across a blog written in French titled Le Bénéfice du Doute, yes, that’s still most likely to be his.

What the search results may have omitted would be that he started his production roots as early as college in UP Film, got hardcore in Unitel as a production assistant, had his first taste of regional work as a segment producer in MTV Asia, before signing up with McCann as an agency producer. With over a decade of experience holding hands with Accounts and Creatives, charming the most challenging of personalities, color coding templates, kicking overcommitting directors under the table and transforming meetings into the liveliest of talkshows, he’s still on the lookout for his namesake, living or non-living.

So how did he get his name in the first place? That’s a different story altogether.

Leo Mercad

After graduating from the University of the Philippines, Leo kicked off his career as a production assistant at McCann-Erickson then became a junior producer at BBDO. Leo went freelance in 2003 where he worked on regional projects in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

12 years later, he continues to manage his productions with focus and consistency. A good number of hair, telco, food and beverage is in his roster of TVCs produced. Leo has been exposed to a wide range of brands and agencies and is very adaptable. He knows how to adjust his working style depending on the client and agency’s work process. Leo has mastered grace under pressure and has happily been a part of JAW since 2008.

Leslie Perez

Leslie took the first step in embracing the hectic life of a media practitioner by getting a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the Ateneo de Manila University. Her junior year allowed her an internship as a Production Assistant in an advertising production house, but it wasn’t until she matured with her stints in Lakbay TV and INQ TV that she found herself back in the advertising world.

She multi-tasked her way from a Production Assistant to a Producer in Lakbay TV having been made to do research, writing, coordination, budget and liquidation, directing, non-linear editing, basic graphics, soundtrack, even marketing and client presentations. She honed her organizational and managerial skills in INQ TV while taking on the role of an Associate Producer where she was responsible for traffic among the shooting teams, budget and liquidation, post production schedules, coordination with the TV network, and administrative duties. She also played a part in the creative process by joining the brainstorming sessions and reviewing the segments before each episode was dubbed for airing.

In 2006, she joined Just Add Water Productions as Jem Lim’s Associate Producer. She learned to adjust to the more specialized workflow in Advertising, channeling the different skills she has developed from her 5 years in TV production. Leslie went solo in 2009, working on bigger and more complex projects while still happily accommodating the simpler ones. Known to be a straightforward, no-nonsense type of a producer well-liked for her “can do” attitude and fervent spirit.

These days she has been mastering the art of time management by squeezing in dive trips and backpacking adventures while taking on different projects. Being a tech geek, a photo enthusiast, and a traveler makes Leslie enjoy and see everything as a learning process, willing to soak up all the challenges thrown her way.

Mariel Cruz

Graduated with a degree in Film and Audiovisual Communications from the University of the Philippines. Mariel’s first exposure to production is as a Production Assistant and later on as an Assistant Production Designer in Industria Productions. She later on joined ABS-CBN as a Creative Assistant for four years. But realizing that advertising is where she truly belongs, she re-joined the industry as an Executive Producer for Informermedia Inc.

Mariel started training to be an Agency Producer under Chona Bustamante and has been handling projects on her own for over 4 years now. Mariel’s experience as an Executive Producer has helped her transition to agency producing quite seamlessly. She understands the production process, costs and knows how to hold budgets quite well. Mariel is a very dependable producer and well liked by both accounts and creative.

Mavic Martin

A De La Salle University AB Literature graduate, Mavic started out in Lintas as a Production Trainee in 1995 and worked her way to become one of their in-house Senior Producers handling local and regional projects.

In 2007, she was cross-posted to Lowe, Bangkok where she was exposed to offshore production suppliers, directors and post-production houses and enjoyed the experience.

In 2010, she joined Just Add Water to further broaden her exposure in the industry. Mavic is a very seasoned producer and keeps her calm and focus even on extreme high-pressure projects.

Mia Ferrer

Formerly an account executive for Aspac-Law Ad Agency and Publicis JimenezBasic. Mia then became an executive producer for a production house called WYD Productions. She then decided to train as an agency producer under one of PJBs in-house producers. She was producing for PJB on her own for over a year before she joined Just Add Water.

Mia doubles up as the associate of Cris Dy-Liacco and Jem Lim when her load permits it and at the same time produces her own projects such as web videos, animatics, AVPs, Radio commercials as well as TVC productions.

Robert Seña

Syd Alcala

A Bachelor in Fine Arts graduate majoring in Visual Communication from UP Diliman. Syd began his career as Visualizer turned Art Director at Publicis Manila and then at PC&V. In his free hours, he would work as an installation artist for restaurants and establishments, where he first practiced planning, budgeting and supervision.

In 2009, Syd transitioned and started training to become an advertising broadcast producer as Jem Lim’s associate producer ,leaving behind his art direction career. But the world involving numbers and organization was not entirely new to him, thanks to his “other life” during his agency days. Syd’s agency and art direction background definitely makes it easier for him to appreciate aesthetic elements in a production, and he offers feedback that are well founded which complement the agency’s creative vision.

Syd has been producing independently for over 4 years now and he is well liked and appreciated by agencies. Syd is a very competent and creative producer.